Council Members

Doug Tikkanen, Chairperson
Muskego, WI

Doug has experience in Human Resources and Talent Acquisition from the private sector, working as an employee or contractor for several companies nationwide. His experience includes very small private organizations and Fortune 500 or 100 organizations. In addition to serving as the Secretary for the SCOB, Doug is also on the Executive Committee, Employment Committee, and Recruitment Committee.

Doug lives in the Metro Milwaukee area and has spent the majority of his life in Wisconsin. His goal is to find a way for the blind and visually impaired to obtain employment all throughout the US and especially here in Wisconsin. He is legally blind and has been since 1985.

Jeff Peil, Secretary
Fox Point, WI

Jeff is an active board member of Beyond Vision and Vision Forward Association, as well as a volunteer at Vision Forward for the past ten years. Professionally, he works as a Technical Applications Analyst at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare and has had previous experience as a project coordinator, network manager, and customer service specialist. Jeff has a degenerative eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa, and he has recently received his first guide dog.

Lee Young, Member at Large
Madison, WI

Lee has been a member of the SCOB since July 2012. Within the Council, she is a member of the Recruitment Committee, PR/Information and Access Committee, and the Employment Committee. She is also the representative for the SCOB on the Governor's Committee for People with Disabilities. In addition, she services on the Elected Committee of Blind Vendors within the WI Blind Enterprise Program and is a member of the Nation Federation of the Blind.

Lee is a multiracial blind business owner and operator of a vending business through the Wisconsin Business Enterprise Program for the Blind. Her experience includes food service management, vending operations, and she runs her vending business in various public and private locations in Madison. She has lived in Wisconsin all of her life.

She has worked on numerous legislative issues, one of them being an act that requires publishers to make electronic books available for blind and visually impaired college students and the beginning of the semester. Her goal is to be a top advocate for the blind and visually impaired community in Wisconsin. Lee is legally blind and has been since 1991.

Phillip Mason
Cudahy, WI

Phillip has extensive background in advocacy, sports management and aviation. Traveling the world has given Phillip many opportunities in both the Private and Public sector to advocate for rights of people with disabilities.  With a strong history in nonprofit management Phillip has served the blind community as a Board member of WI Association of Blind Athletes, Development Officers at Blind Industries and Services of Maryland, and currently holds the position of Community and Business Outreach Specialist for Industries for the Blind, Inc. in West Allis, WI.

With a goal of leveling the playing field for the blind in Wisconsin, Phillip hopes that Wisconsin can be seen as a premier location where people disabilities can live, work and play, with little to no barriers. With Phillip returning to region after a nine year hiatus both domestically and abroad, he hopes his experience can add to the dialog and general awareness of the council.

Rhonda Staats
La Crosse, WI

Troy Hergert, Vice Chairperson
Milwaukee, WI

Troy has been a member of the SCOB since September 2014. He is the Chairperson of the SCOB Public Relations Committee and a member of the Employment Committee.

Troy is the IT Manager for Vision Forward Association in Milwaukee. He also holds numerous assistive technology certifications from 17 years as an assistive technology instructor for the blind and visually impaired. Related experience includes serving on boards for Independence First and Audio Braille Literacy Enhancement. Troy is a local musician in the Milwaukee area and enjoys martial arts and science fiction.

DHS Council Liaison
1 W Wilson Street, Room 558
PO Box 2659
Madison, WI 53701-2659